My story

I am probably not a typical winemaker.

 Alleine die Region, in der ich aufgewachsen bin, lässt diesen Beruf gar nicht zu. Ich bin Ostwestfale. Komme aus einer Stadt, die es nicht gibt und lebe nach ein paar Umwegen jetzt an der Mosel. „Umwege“ ist nicht ganz richtig. Über Dortmund, Herford, Gütersloh, Bielefeld, Berlin, Neuseeland und Hamburg  habe ich nun meinen tatsächlichen Traumberuf gefunden. Ich bin Winzer. Zudem bin ich auch gelernter Automobilkaufmann, habe mein Fachabitur nachgeholt, studiert und bin somit auch Bachelor in Marketingmanagement (Fachhochschule des Mittelstands). Stellt sich jetzt wohl die Frage, warum ich nicht in einem mittelständischen Unternehmen sitze und versuche, Zahlen zu schubsen, möglichst gut in meinem Anzug auszusehen und von einem dickeren Firmenwagen zu träumen. Nun, der wohl größte Fakt ist, dass es mir keinen Spaß gemacht hat.

Another big push was my stay in New Zealand. I spent a year on a paradise island. At Stonyrige Vineyards, I was able to see many areas of a winery and said to myself, "I want that too." And we're not talking about owning a winery, but going to work every day happy and coming home happy too.

Off the edge.

So after my stay abroad, I made the courageous decision to throw everything away and train as a winemaker. At the famous Witwe Dr. Thanisch - Erben Müller Burggreaf winery, I was able to gain insight into every area of winemaking, try my hand and lend a hand. To finance all the fun, I also conducted tastings at one of the most traditional wineries in the Moselle, Villa Huesgen, and was allowed to look into the sales side. In April 2017, I had the opportunity to get to know Italian wine culture at the fascinating Tenuta San Leonardo winery.     

For me, there is nothing greater than following my passion every day. To make wines that inspire other people and hopefully make them happy.

My wish for the future is:

  • To inspire many people with my wines.
  • To design projects together with interesting wineries
  • Conjuring up ever better wines
  • Maybe one day owning my own vineyard by the sea or in the mountains

The beginning of the story

January 2019
What happened since then...

the wines I presented in May 2018 are now slowly sold out. I have successfully completed my training as a winemaker. The next vineyards have been bought and leased. Nevertheless, there is no time to rest, because...READ MORE

November 2020
A new idea

Wow, that was fast! 2020 is really a crazy year and one with a lot of contrasts for me! I'm writing the article about it right now. So stay tuned 🙂 

Officially "on his own"

After working for wonderful winemakers for a few years, I took the leap to start my own wine brand in 2021. All an experiment made possible by my patrons and partners.

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