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Starting point for community-based action

Since May 2020, there has been the first Wine-SoLaWi of the Moselle: the CSVINO. The interest in participating in this community has grown, not least due to the ARTE documentary "Winemakers without a Vineyard". Above all, however, it is the many different people who make this venture so wonderful and unique.

As it is now blad into its second year and I am starting a second group, I have been thinking about the topic of "values" and have stumbled across those of a cooperative.... READ MORE

Interveiw Landesschau Rheinland-Pfalz, SWR

Jan Philipp Bleeke comes from Bielefeld, is a trained businessman and studied marketing - before he became a vintner on the Mosel - without poorly paid seasonal workers, but with a Solawi, a solidarity-based agriculture.

In the wine solawi, the members jointly bear all the costs of production: rent, equipment, and the winemaker's wages. Everyone participates in the production from the beginning and makes the wine their own - not only financially. The community shares everything with each other - ups and downs, success and risks - and in the end, of course, the wine.

Re: Winemakers without a winery - Farming to join in

Jan Philipp Bleeke, a winegrower on the Moselle, has no winery and no fortune. With his project, which turns wine lovers into fellow winemakers, he defies the rules of the market economy.
If you want to make your consumption sustainable, it's not easy....READ MORE


Tadaa! The new Vinetage Report from Mosel Fine Wines is available again. Issue No. 54...READ MORE

OUR MONEY, OUR GARDEN, OUR VEGETABLES - How people in Wittlich, Trier and on the Mosel are taking "revolutionary" paths: Three times Solidarity Farming in the region. - By Mechthild Schneiders / Trierischer Volksfreund

"I want the participants to get a feeling for what it means to make wine on the Moselle. They should rediscover the Moselle in a multi-emotional way, get to know the different economic forms, the problems, the good sides." It is also important to him that..READ MORE

Extraordinary: Winemakers wanted from Bielefeld - A report by Heidi Hagen-Pekdemir / Neue Westfälische Zeitung

Bielefeld. There has been a vineyard in Bielefeld for a long time. But the Winzersche Garten below the Johannisberg has not really been productive until now. Much to the regret of those who would like to take part in the vineyard themselves. For them there is now...READ MORE

MYZELIUM: What do you see as the advantage of a community-based foundation?
Jan-Philipp Bleeke: From the idea to implementation is a relatively short step. I am completely free and can get started straight away without an investor or bank. I got to know MYZELIUM at the end of November, my concept for my Wein Solawi written and...READ MORE

- Community-based farming on the Moselle

and on it goes... 2019 was a great year for me and yet things are only progressing slowly in the conventional way. The dream of owning my own winery has come a small step closer, but it's still a long way off....READ MORE

An article by Mona Knorr from

"Jan-Philipp Bleeke is a winemaker on the Mosel. His dream job, which he decided on after a stay abroad in New Zealand. His particular passion is...READ MORE

What happened since then...

the wines I presented in May 2018 are now slowly sold out. I have successfully completed my training as a winemaker. The next vineyards are...READ MORE 


In recent years, I have always appreciated the reviews of MOSEL FINE WINE. Why?...READ MORE 


Let's start with the roots, with the one who has significantly influenced me in my winemaking: My cellar master Edgar Schneider. Edgar is special, but in a very well-meaning sense. The nicest quality about him is that he accepts people as they are and supports them. Edgar and me...READ MORE


Anyone who has ever tasted a Riesling Kabinett feinherb from the Mosel knows - THIS STUFF IS AWESOME! For me, a spontaneously fermented, feinherb Riesling is the hallmark of the Mosel. So right from the start it was clear that ...READ MORE

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